SJPJ Volume 5

Contents of issues of volume 5 (2018)

Contents of issue No 1

Contents of issue No 1 (download in total)

Contents of issue No 1 (download per articles)

Máté Paksy | 1867: Two Constitutional Tales on Minority Nationalism. The Austro-Hungarian Compromise and the British North America Act


Márton Kaszap | Critical Junctures in the Evolution of British Party Politics. The 1997 General Election and its Impact on the Westminster Party System


Beáta Deák | Protocol No. 16 to the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms


Jácint Ferencz | Does the Labor Law Regulation Make You Happy? Legal and Social Situation of Male Employees after Starting a Family


Szilvia Kellner | Introduction to the Science of Medical Rights and Ethics – The Most Relevant Instruments


Mykola Vdovychenko | Some Thoughts on the Postmodern Virtuality of Law

Éva Gulyás | Nationale Einheit oder ethnische Vielfalt? Die poliethnischen Politiken und Homogenisierungspolitiken sowie deren Folgen


Contents of issue No 2 (download in total)

Contents of issue No 2 (download per articles)