SJPJ Volume 3


Contents of issues of volume 3 (2016)


Contents of issue No 1 (download in total)

Contents of issue No 1 (download per articles)

KASZAP, Márton | Critical Junctures in the Evolution of British Party Politics. The 1945 General Election and its Impact on the Westminster Party System


HÁRS, András | The Legal Status of Personnel in Multinational Peace Operations with Special Regard to Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Committed During Peace Missions


NAGY, Alexandra | The Theoretical and Practical Questions of the Crime of Sexual Exploitation in the Hungarian Criminal Law


NAGY, Anita | Conditional Release and Real Life Imprisonment

GUI, Huang | The Influence of the Concept of human Rights upon the Policy of Death Penalty in China 


PAYRICH, András | Applicability and needs for short term incarceration (Custodial arrest)



Contents of issue No 2 (download in total)

Contents of issue No 2 (download per articles)

KOVÁCS, Ildikó | Barriers to the Provision of Services and Justification


KASZAP, Márton | Critical Junctures in the Evolution of British party politics. The 1974 General Elections and their Impact on Westminster Party System


ZEBARI, Dildar F. Z. | A Brief Critical Analysis of the Application of the Doctrine of Self-Determination in the Case of Iraqi Kurds


LU, Da : Rule of Law | Constitutional Interpretation in China


UJVÁRY, Kristián | Overview on the Main Aims and Goals of the Security Strategy of the Slovak Republic – Challenges of the Migration Crisis


RAWASHDEH, Waddah Al | Introduction to Commercial Disputes in Jordanian Courts under Jordanian Commerce Act 12 of 1966 and its Amendments