SJPJ Volume 4

Contents of issues of volume 4 (2017)

Contents of issue No 1 (download in total)

Contents of issue No 1 (download per articles)

BALOGH, Áron Péter | The invalidity and the non-existence of collective bargaining agreements in the scope of the Hungarian courts’ decisions (3)

FODOR, T. Gábor | The definition of working time in certain eu member states' labour law (12)

PALKOVSKÁ, Iva | Binding effect of CJEU judgments (18)

MUŠÁLKOVÁ, Martina | The Natural Law in the Czech Civil Code (27)

AL RAWASHDEH, Waddah | Criteria for determining whether a trademark is well-known (35)


Contents of issue No 2 (download in total)

Contents of issue No 2 (download per articles)

BENCZE, Krisztina | The Transformation of the Institutional System of Appointed Defence Counsels and the Right to an Effective Defence (3)

NAGY, Erika | Extent of the Voting Rights of Legal Persons Governed by Private Law, in Particular of Cooperatives (12)

PUSTINA, Lorik | The Legality of the Pristina - Belgrade Political Dialogue: The Queer Case of the Historic Agreement (23)

VÁRKONYI GÜLTEKIN, Gizem | European Court of Human Rights Case Law on Protection of Personal Data: Reassessment of Republic of Turkey Cases in Light of Turkey’s Data Protection Law (40)

ZAVADILOVÁ, Lucie | Adaptation of Rights in Rem According to the EU Regulation on Matrimonial Property Regimes (55)