SJPJ Volume 2

Contents of issues of volume 2 (2015)


Contents of issue No 1 (download in total)

Contents of issue No 1 (download per articles) 


Marko BABIĆ | Trauma without Catharsis? Civil Society in Serbia between Modernization and (Re)traditionalism 

Maja CRNIĆ | The European Union – Western Balkans relations with the special emphasize on the case of Serbia 

Raluca Elena ILOIE & Ciprian Raul TRIPON | Country risk assessment and the corruption perception index in the context of national culture 

Gianna MERKI | Geoengineering and Weather Modification Programs. Environmental Protection Or Environmental Warfare? 


Contents of issue No 2 (download in total)

Contents of issue No 2 (download per articles)

Judit GLAVANITS | Legal tools supporting the household debt financing in Hungary

Maja MIRKOVIĆ | Exploring links between civil society and transitional justice in the Western Balkans with emphasis on Bosnia and Herzegovina: a new path towards justice and peace?

Zsolt SPINDLER | Ukraine – a freezing or a frozen conflict? Or: “Russians are already in the cupboard?”

Dodik Setiawan nur HERIYANTO | Transfiguring indonesian patent law enforcement by considering development of patent protection system in the european union and in the united states

László GYŐZŐ | Thoughts on state communication. A brief and general overview

Jasmin HASANOVIĆ | Ochlocracy in the practices of civil society: a threat for democracy?

Stavinoha VLASTISLAV | Overview of the changes in the new czech Civil Code – concerning the deprivation of legal capacity