SJPJ Volume 1

Contents of issues of volume 1 (2014)


Contents of issue No 1 (download in total)

Contents of issue No 1 (download per articles)


WOJNICKI, Jacek  | Political Transformation in Central and Eastern Europe. Twenty Years of Experience

EGRESI, Katalin  | Role of the Holy Crown Doctrine and 'Historical Constitution' in the Hungarian Constitutionalism

KECSKÉS, Gábor  | The Liabiliy Issue and the Notion of Environmental Damage. A Starting Point of Definition

SAVIĆ-BOJANIĆ, Maja  | In Search of Rights to Political Participation. The Emerging Voice of National Minorities in BiH in Light of EU Integration

LAZAREVA, Marina  | The European Union and Russia: History of the Relationship and Cooperation Prospects
LENGYEL, Tibor  | Human Rights Perspectives, Programs and Policies

ZVIERIEV, Ievgen  | EU Impact on the Interpretation of International Treaties by Ukrainian Courts

MAJEWSKA, Magdalena  | European Union Transportation Policy from the Treaty of Maastricht up to Now

MANDÁK, Fanni  | Executive-Legislative Relations in Italy after the Lisbon Treaty

NACSA, Mónika  | Market within the Market. Liquidators in Hungary with Special Regard to Council Regulation (EC) No 1346/2000 of 29 May 2000 on Insolvency Proceedings

BÉCSI, Katalin | Impact of the European Law on the Changing Correlation between Attorney’s Independence and the Right to Fair Process

MATIJEVIĆ, Nikolina – DRAGUTINOVIĆ, Ljiljana – MILIĆ, Veljko | Constitutional Legal System’s Customization in Serbia with the EU Acquis – Context of the National Minorities

BIELESZ, Katarzyna  | Impact of the Economic Crisis on the Situation of Polish Women



Contents of issue No 2 (download in total)

Contents of issue No 2 (download per articles)


LAZAREVA, Marina | The Ukrainian Constitution in the Era of Drastic Political Changes

SZERLETICS, Antal | Paternalism and Public Policy

LUKÁCS, Eszter | Economic Trends in the Central and Eastern European Region

PONGRÁCZ, Alex | Cardinal Aspects of the Liberalization of International Trade, and its Effects on Nation-State Sovereignty

SZABÓ, Kinga Szandra | Financial Correction Applied in Case of Irregularity

MAJEWSKA, Magdalena | The Protection of Air Passengers’ Rights on the Basis of International and European Union Law

NÉMETH, Gabriella | Issues of Selling Movables Placed in Public Warehouse by Auctions

LIUTYNSKII, Anton | Norms of International Law and International Treaties as Parent Legislation for Russian Criminal Procedure Law: Some Problems

SMIRNOV, Anton | Cooperation between the Russian Federation and the Visegrad Group Countries on Effort against Terrorism and Organized Crime